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Bio-Resonance Training

One-on-one in-depth training on the usage of Bio-Resonance technology equipment and software

The Bio-Resonance Test is a non-invasive body energy test done by measuring the frequency of bio-photonic emissions. This technology invented in Russia can give us the reasons for the decrease in body energy levels. It can be due to an immunity issue, hormonal imbalance, microbial parasites, nutritional deficiencies, or a metabolic issue. The Bio-Resonance Test will provide you with all this information. 

Lesson Schedule

5 Sessions (10 Hours)

Session 1

Software and Machine Equipment Introduction
Installation & Equipment Setup
Customization and Administrator Options
Question & Answer Session

Session 2

Recap of Session 1
Patient Registration
Manual Organ Selection
Setting up of Customized Organ Groups
Research and Result page
Question & Answer Session

Session 3

Recap of Session 2
Result Analysis
Customization of Etalon List
Question & Answer Session

Session 4

Recap of Session 3
Report Compilation and Types of Reports
Customization of Reports
Comparative Analysis
Question & Answer Session

Session 5

Full Recap (Session 1 – 4)
Trainee Trails and Trouble management
Certificate Presentation

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