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“The WHO/FAO Expert Consultation on Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases met in Geneva from 28 January to 1 February 2002 to examine the science base of the relationship between diet and physical activity patterns and the major nutrition-related chronic diseases.

Recommendations were made to help prevent death and disability from major nutrition-related chronic diseases. This population nutrient intake and physical activity goals should contribute to the development of regional strategies and national guidelines to reduce the burden of diseases related to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, several forms of cancer, osteoporosis and dental diseases. They are based on the examination and analysis of the best available evidence and the collective judgment of a group of experts representing the global scope of WHO’s and FAO’s mandate”.

The above paragraph is from an article published on the WHO website on 2002. To this day, we have not been focusing on nutrition intake to prevent our bodies from chronic diseases. We always believe in western drugs to cure these diseases. Modern lifestyle, mass media and the Internet are playing a major role to keep us away from this message. In turn, a few companies are earning profitably while we pay with our lives.

Our company is paying attention to introducing the healthiest food in the world to our clients. We are mainly focusing on Nutritious and Holistic medicine. We are trying to educate people about nutrition and diseases through our website.

We are a Singapore-based Company who believes in Holistic Medicine such as AYURVEDIC medicine and medical nutrition.

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