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What is VitaeGene PPARs?

VitaeGene PPARs is an algae-based Health Supplement made in Singapore. It is a 100% vegetarian Health Supplement that can improve the immunity of the human body, balance the hormone level of the human body, detox the human body by removing nucleic elements, heavy metals, and other toxins, enhance the wound healing power inside the body, regulate the blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and lipid levels in the human body.

The VitaeGene PPARs formula, Chlorella Sorokiniana tablet, is one of the most studied nutrients in the world. Researchers have documented that it’s extremely effective, safe, and helpful to your entire health. It has been reported in The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, American Journal of Medical Science, International Journal of Cancer, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, The Chlorella Research Center, The Journal of Nutrition, and many more.

Vitaegene PPARs Received The Best Natural Health Supplement Of The Year Platinum Award From The Business World International Organization USA In 2019

Ms. Srimathie siriwardana
Urubokka, Sri Lanka
I purchased Vitaegene PPARs around 3 months ago due to a pigmentation problem in my skin. It currently looks much better than before.
Mr. Shenol Fernando
Negombo, Sri Lanka
I've been consuming Vitaegene PPARs for over a month now due to back pain. It was recommended by Dr. Thenuwara. I'm still consuming Vitaegene PPARs.
Mr. Supun Chathuranga
Padalangala, Sri Lanka
I have a free-radical attack in my backbone. There is porosity as I have less-antioxidants. After using PPARs, back pain and abnormal cases are gone.

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