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There are about two hundred types of cells in the human body. Each of these cells emits a certain amount of light. This light is what we can see as the Aura. One’s mind has a great influence in changing this light. By measuring this change in light, one can find the cause of the diseases in one’s body. This may be a psychological problem. It can also be a nutritional deficiency, a hormonal imbalance, a weakened immune system, a bacterial, viral, or parasitic invasion. This technology can detect whatever the cause may be. Knowing the cause makes it easier to find the cure. As a result, the medical field around the world is now turning to this technology.

The technology was used by a group of Russian scientists about 20 years ago to determine the health of astronauts. This machine is a great help to check the changes that take place inside their body daily. This technology has the ability to quickly monitor changes in any part of a person’s body. Currently, the technology is used in countries such as Russia, Singapore, Germany, England. The machine is only manufactured in a few countries including Russia and Germany. Regardless of the country of manufacture, everyone uses Russian-made software.

This technology measures the vibrational frequency of biophotonic rays emitted by our body’s cells, compares them with the vibrational frequencies that a healthy body should have, and provides computer-based data analysis. It measures the energy of our body cells. The vibrational frequency data of the bio-photons to be emitted from the body of a healthy person is entered into the computer and the light waves of the same frequency are transmitted to the brain through the ear with the help of a bio-indicator. These waves communicate with the heart and feedback to the computer using a specific vibrational frequency. The relevant data is then compared and the energy of the cell is measured. This data will be analyzed and the final results will be given to us by the computer.

It uses no radiation, no electromagnetic waves, and no sound waves. It is powered only by light waves. This is why this technology is 100% safe and can even be used on infants to measure cellular energy levels.

The Process

This technique is not used as an alternative to diagnosing or making a doctor’s decision, but only to measure the energy levels in the body’s cells. But if someone has an undiagnosed condition, this technology can help them gain a clue about the condition they may be under. For example, suppose someone has a stomach ache. This technology only takes about half an hour to detect the probable causes of this condition. Perhaps the reason is that the bacteria in the intestines are out of balance. After identifying the cause, we can get rid of the condition by changing our diet. This technology can measure the energy levels of cells to find out if there are any toxins in your body or if you are allergic to any food. For this reason, the advice given by this technology is very important when you seek medical advice and your choice of diet.

The important thing here is that if we are treating a disease, we can identify the disease and make the right treatment without any guesswork.

For example, if a person who has been taking medication for a headache for years finds the cause using this technology, the condition can be treated and cured in such a short time. A person who has had a stomach ache for many years can be at ease. It all depends on the strength of the cells in your body. This technology can also be used to find out the reason why people are unable to get pregnant. For this, both the mother and the father must participate in the test. This test takes about an hour and a half and should be booked in advance. If you are unable to come down for a physical exam, hair and nail analysis are also available.

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