Vitae Gene PPARs Helps You In 20 Ways

Scientists Confirm That Chlorella Sorokiniana Is One of the Safest and Most Effective Natural Remedies Ever Discovered.

Here Are 20 Ways It Can Quickly Help You:

  1. Boost Your Immune System: Clinical studies have shown that Chlorella can help enhance your body’s ability to fight off illness.
  2. Remove Toxins From Your Body: The chlorophyll in it binds to harmful heavy metals and toxins, safely flushing them from your system.
  3. Protect Against Cancer-Causing Agents: An article in the medical journal Carcinogenesis reported that Chlorella inhibited cancer-causing substances.
  4. Nourish Your Cells: Disease starts at the cellular level. Keep your cells healthy and you’ll enjoy great health.
  5. Look Younger: Aging starts by denying your cells proper nutrition. The RNA/DNA nucleic acids in Chlorella help revitalize and rejuvenate your cells and protect against premature aging.
  6. Enjoy Great Bowel Health: Poor bowel movements create toxins in your system. Chlorella helps clean out your bowels so they’re active and working.
  7. Heal Wounds & Repair Tissue: At Saito Hospital in Japan, doctors gave patients with stomach ulcers Chlorella. Their pain vanished in ten days.
  8. Have a Healthy Heart: Chlorella is packed with vitamins, minerals & amino acids that are recommended by the American Heart Association recommends.
  9. Reducing Unhealthy Cholesterol Levels: It significantly lowered cholesterol levels in a clinical study—while patients ate their favorite foods!
  10. A New Approach to Alzheimer’s: Toxins, a lack of essential vitamins, dangerous free radicals—all suspected culprits. Chlorella helps with everyone, including aluminum!
  11. The Flu, Colds & Viruses: Two doctors gave 1,000 people with colds chlorophyll. They reported that it helped virtually everyone. Vitae Gene PPARs Formula Chlorella Sorokiniana Tablet is packed with chlorophyll.
  12. Combat Fibromyalgia: In a study, 18 patients took Chlorella for two months. Nearly all reported less pain.
  13. Boost Liver Health: Chlorophyll builds up the hemoglobin content of your blood—a big plus for your liver, one of your most important vital organs.
  14. Ease Your Allergies: Chlorella grabs hold of allergic irritants in your system and helps you get rid of them.
  15. Help Prevent Cancer: Chlorella can activate your immune system, one of your first defenses against cancer. It can also help increase your white blood cell count, a key step in restoring your health.
  16. Epstein-Barr Syndrome: Says Dr.David Steenblock,”when it (Chlorella) was administered to several patients…there was a significant improvement.”
  17. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Some experts believe it’s caused by Candida, unfriendly bacteria in your system. Chlorella encourages growth of friendly bacteria that control Candida and other invaders.
  18. Heal Ulcers & Wounds: Chlorophyll can cause a growth in fibroblasts, the cells your body uses to repair wounds.
  19. Protect Your Eyesight: Chlorella is rich in carotenoids, the B vitamins, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and amino acids—all key for healthy eyes.
  20. Fight Memory Loss: Chlorella brings you a wide range of powerful antioxidants.
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