Type 2 Diabetes and PPARs

Vitae Gene PPARs (Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors) is one of the best ways to get PPARs to your body. You can get an idea by watching the above video and reading the below websites.


According to Dr.Bob Henry, scientists have found out that PPAR gamma and PPAR alfa will be the best medicine for diabetes type 2 and Atherosclerosis in the future. Studies have also confirmed that these two PPARs are able to increase the metabolism of both glucose and lipids in our body.

The main ingredient of Vitae Gene PPARs is Chlorella Sorokiniana algae which are loaded with PPARs by nature itself. Therefore, we should not wait for the manufacturing of the PPARs medicine in the future. Consume Vitae Gene PPARs daily and help your body to metabolize Glucose and Lipids well.

Read below articles for your knowledge about PPARs:




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