Inborn Talents & Traits Gene Test

A successful future begins when parents understand and devote themselves to develop the potential their child possess since birth.

The Inborn Talent Genetic Test (ITGT) helps parents like you to discover your child’s talents that may not be obvious at a young age along with personality traits that they have. Knowing your child’s genetic make-up allows you to take control of their development to nurture their talents. It also allows you to intervene in their weaknesses at an early stage before it takes root in your child.

With the career profiling report that comes with the genetic test, this test package is the roadmap for you to plan your child’s future towards success.

Personality traits

Optimism, Risk taking, Persistence, Shyness, Composure, Split Personality, Hyper- 
Activeness, Depression, Impulsive, Mould-ability.


Intelligence, Comprehension, Analytical, Memory, Creativity, Reading Ability, Imagination.


Alcoholism, Smoking, General Addiction.


Performing, Music, Drawing, Dancing, Literature, Linguistic.


Affectionate, Faithfulness, Passion, Propensity for Teenage Romance, Sentimentality, 
Sociability, Self-Reflection, Self-Control.


Endurance, Sprint, Technique, Training Sensitivity, Tendency of Sports Injuries, Sport 

Physical Fitness

Height, General Wellness, Obesity.


Sensitivity to Second-hand smoke, Insensitivity to Second-hand smoke

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