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50% of the entire population of the world is suffering from this unpleasant disease. Half of this group is indeed likely to have an ongoing sporadic or a chronic breath malodor problems. To get rid of this stress building condition, patients are using mouthwash, toothpaste, chewing gum etc. But they are 100% failing to get rid of this condition permanently. We should understand that this bad malodor is not coming from our mouth. It starts from our colon and comes out from the mouth. Therefore we have to check the real condition of the colon.

You can clearly identify the pH level of the saliva of these type of patients’ is less than 6. That means the patient’s body is more acidic than a healthy person. The pH of their saliva is most likely around 5. Calcium and Magnesium are the main alkaline minerals in the soil and they are essential to take into our body daily to maintain the alkalinity of the body. Magnesium is the main mineral that is used to produce bile in our Liver. The pH of the bile is around 9. This means that bile is a high alkaline fluid that produces by the human body. The body is using this Bile to eliminate the acidity of the digestive track. Mainly in the small intestine. Your liver will produce poor Bile and it will occur the low pH level inside the small intestine if you are deficient from Magnesium. This condition will cause the acidity of the digestion track. Bad bacteria and worms will be grown in an acidic intestine and they will produce gases with an unbearable odour. These gases will either come out from your mouth or anus. You are experiencing the bad breath because these gases are coming out from your mouth.

You may know how to get rid of this condition if you understood the content of above paragraph. The only way to get rid of Bad breath is to increase the pH level of the colon. You have to consume high amounts of chlorophyll daily to get rid of this health condition. This is because Chlorophyl contains a high amount of magnesium.

Vitae Gene PPARs is the best way to get Chlorophyll to your body since the main ingredient of Vitae Gene PPARs is Chlorella Sorokiniana, also known as the king of algae. Chlorella Sorokiniana contains 100 times Chlorophyl compared to spinach according to studies.

We would like to offer you a guarantee to use Vitae Gene PPARs. You should buy 120g Vitae Gene PPARs pack and use for two months daily according to the instructions given on the label. We guarantee that you will experience a significant change in your bad breath condition within the first month after starting consumption. We will refund the product cost you paid if you are not satisfied. (Please read the refund policy)

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