60 Days Money Back Guaranty Program

We’re confident we produce, design and sell the very best health supplements available at any price, and we want you to share our confidence! That is why we back every sale with a 60-day money back guarantees.

Conditions apply:

  1.  The customer should have an NLS bio-feedback test report done by an authorized agent within 7 days in your country. ( Please contact our agents worldwide )
  2. The agent should send us the NLS soft copy to study our healthcare professionals.
  3. Our Healthcare professionals will send the list of health supplement for four months to buy from our website after reviving the NLS report.
  4. The patient should buy health supplements at least for two months from www.vitaegene.com website. And consume them according to the advice given by our healthcare professionals.
  5. The Consumer should have faced for a new NLS Bio-Feedback test after 60 days and compare with the first test.
  6. We guarantee that we will refund the total value of the health supplements if your report will not showing a significant improvement in your body condition after consuming our products.

If you’re not happy with the results you’ve received from vitaegene.com just send the balance product back within30 days for a refund of the product purchased price as stated on the website (without courier charge).

You can return your product to the local authorized distributors if available in your country. Authorized distributors are permitted to refund the retail price of the product as stated in www.vitaegene.com website. ( Please check the distributor’s list on the website)

Migraine Pack for one month period.

Item ID: 03 ∨ – Vitae Gene ( 120g Pack )  – 1

Item ID: 38 ∨ – Ultimate Daily  – 1

Item ID: 67 ∨ – Projoba Omega – 1

Item ID: 33 ∨ – Selenium – 2

Item ID: 45 ∨ – Osteo FX – 1

Item ID: 52 ∨ – K Nitro FX  – 1

Item ID: 51 ∨ – Kyani Sunset  – 1

Item ID: 69 ∨ – CEO Coffee – 2